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Healthcare cybersecurity is set to exceed $65 billion over the next five years, making this one of the biggest expenses for healthcare providers this decade.

Healthcare cybersecurity is set to exceed $65 billion over the next five years, making this one of the biggest expenses for healthcare providers this decade.

It’s more challenging than ever for smaller practices to afford the level of cybersecurity expertise required to protect sensitive patient data and maintain HIPAA compliance without the support of an external healthcare IT services partner. The last several years have shown how painfully easy it can be for a dedicated cybercriminal to infiltrate the security of large hospitals such as SSM Health in St. Louis or smaller facilities like CCRM Minneapolis — a fertility clinic whose breach only encompassed 3,300 patients. What we’ve learned is this: the size of your organization doesn’t matter when it comes to cybercrime. Every organization must be prepared to actively protect electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). Here are some of the ways that healthcare IT managed services providers can help protect your practice both today and in the future.

Robust Cybersecurity for Healthcare IT Services

Mobile devices allow healthcare providers to quickly access crucial patient information, providing improved patient experience and speeding up processes. However, there is a dark side to these helpful devices. The recent Verizon Mobile Security Index 2019 shows that 25% of healthcare organizations experienced a security breach in the last 12 months related to their mobile devices. While this is lower than the 35% recorded in 2017, it still is unacceptably high when you consider the costs associated with these security breaches.

The professionals at SMB Integrations have a wealth of experience in the healthcare space and can leverage that leadership position in the Houston community to provide trusted healthcare IT services for your practice. We are familiar with the requirements for HIPAA compliance and other government mandates, and can provide guidance to your teams on reporting as needed.

Protecting Sensitive Patient Data

Data stored in the cloud can be vulnerable without a full understanding of the ePHI patient data requirements. Our services integrate cleanly with all leading EMR (Electronic Medical Record) solutions, allowing your team to work seamlessly within your data ecosystem while we provide an exceptional level of security for your most sensitive data. Your data is in danger both at rest and in transit, and our team of security professionals will help ensure that you have everything that your practice needs for secure electronic communications.

Protecting the health and longevity of your patients is your primary concern. Let the dedicated and proactive team at SMB Integrations provide the secure healthcare IT services that your practice needs to stay flexible and expand in the coming years. Contact us today at 832-856-3917 or via email at [email protected]. You can also request your free initial consultation online by chatting with our client services team.