Houston vCIO Services

Creating a long-term strategic roadmap for your business requires an advanced mix of business and technology knowledge, not to mention the time to research and document your strategy.

Many small business technology professionals are stretched thin simply trying to maintain operational efficiencies. Larger organizations often have a Chief Information Officer (CIO), a role that is often responsible for plotting the technology course to support the future needs of the business.

The lack of adequate strategic planning can leave your business without the key functionalities that are needed to fuel future growth and scale efficiently. See how a virtual CIO can help you bridge this strategic gap in your business.

How Does Strategic IT Management Work?

As businesses grow, they develop more complex technology needs. IT may grow organically over time as you add new functionalities based on business needs. There comes a time when you find yourself spending increasingly large amounts of money attempting to add new features or on software that won’t work with other platforms that you’re already utilizing.

Many of these issues can be prevented by having someone with a holistic view of the business and a deep understanding of the technology landscape — someone who does extensive research to ensure that each new software or hardware solution adds value to the business.

Think of a vCIO as a shared resource who takes the time to intimately learn the needs of your business and make the recommendations that will keep your business strategies on track.

A vCIO might:

  • Evaluate building security and cybersecurity
  • Make recommendations for improved vendor management for cost efficiency
  • Evaluate current contracts and propose changes based on utilization
  • Manage IT resources
  • Develop and manage technology budgets
  • Plan and develop policies
  • Participate in reviews of new technology
  • Review business processes and recommend changes or automation

This level of strategic IT management can be difficult to cultivate inside a small business technology ecosystem.

Benefits of Working with a vCIO

Aside from having a highly qualified opinion on your IT operations, your vCIO brings a range of benefits to your organization. Their cross-industry experience provides them with valuable insights that they can leverage for your business, providing immediate business value. You can scale your utilization of services as needed, but the recommendation is to meet with your vCIO on a quarterly basis at a minimum. This ongoing conversation allows your vCIO to stay updated on the state of the business, budgeting, and any constraints that should be considered in future recommendations.

At SMB Integrations, our vCIOs provide strategic IT management to businesses of all sizes, and boast extensive careers driving meaningful technology projects. Our team always considers your budget, goals, and timing needs when making recommendations — making them a true partner to your business, fully invested in your success.

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