Citrix Support & Consulting in Houston

Today’s workforce is fundamentally different than it was only a decade ago, in one very important way: their location.

Technology departments have to collaborate with employees who work remotely most or all of the time. These remote workers still have the same challenges and needs as those in the office, including a reliable way to access company-specific data, and quick and secure internet access and business continuity solutions that help them stay productive. Providing Citrix support for your business is one of the many ways that SMB Integrations is empowering today’s distributed enterprises to efficiently build their network while keeping costs in line.

What Are the Benefits of Citrix?

Consider Citrix almost a “command center” for remote employees — a unique hub that includes video, data, voice and centralized applications through a single, intuitive interface. SMB’s Citrix support allows you to quickly scale up for new locations or employees while maintaining a high level of security and compliance at each step of the process. Citrix is an easy-to-implement, highly efficient and cost-effective solution to remote work and multiple locations, providing an exceptional experience for customers, helping boost employee productivity, and simplifying endpoint administration.

Best Citrix Support in Houston

SMB Integrations works with organizations of all sizes to provide a range of services from staff augmentation to scheduled support engagements. Our professional services team members are certified in a variety of technical platforms, including CompTIA Network+ as well as Windows platforms. You’ll find top-notch technical support personnel with technical expertise to provide Citrix support for your organization on an as-needed basis. We also provide virtual technical resources and vCIO offerings to ensure that your strategy is helping your organization move forward.

Accelerate Cloud Adoption with Citrix

Citrix provides your staff with a fully hosted digital workplace, designed to provide the high-performance infrastructure that you need. SMBi provides you with a cost-effective environment that allows for the ultimate in reliability. Citrix solutions are built to provide even remote staff with the same tools and flexibility that they enjoy when they are in the office, so they are able to seamlessly interact with co-workers, vendors, and employees. Providing Citrix support for Houston businesses is one of the key ways that SMBi is able to help organizations accelerate their overall cloud adoption.

From security and compliance to productivity and cost, Citrix is one of the most appealing network and connectivity suites for business. Learn more about how Citrix solutions can help support your organization when you contact the technology professionals at SMB Integrations today at 832-617-0033 or via email at [email protected].