Who Provides IT Services Near Me?

Finding reliable and trustworthy IT services in your area can require some research, especially if you haven’t worked with a technology services provider in the past.

There are many benefits to this type of partnership, such as allowing you to focus on your core business competencies while IT pros help support your ever-changing technology needs. Managed services providers maintain a consistent billing rate throughout the year even when your usage of the services fluctuate based on your business cycles. You’ll appreciate the proactive approach to security — and having enterprise-scale technology at your fingertips.

Types of IT Services Near Me

The Houston area is full of high-tech companies, but many of these larger organizations have a full IT department in-house. Smaller businesses often make do with a single technology professional with a great deal of consultants for various needs such as software integrations, security or penetration testing, website design, and backup and recovery services. Managing all of these separate vendors can be challenging, which is one of the reasons SMB Integrations offers a wide range of services to meet the needs of all small business.

Some of the services SMBi offers include:

  • IT Help Desk support
  • Actively managed security solutions
  • Compliance review and reporting
  • Cloud computing and migrations
  • Office365 support and software licensing
  • Email scanning and malware prevention
  • Project-specific IT consulting services
  • IT strategy development and execution
  • Structured cabling reviews and installation
  • Wireless networking
  • Telecommunications

We also offer a wide range of specialized services such as malware prevention and ransomware removal. Active monitoring of your network allows us to quickly identify any security infiltrations and immediately begin to remediate the situation.

Finding Trusted IT Services Near Me

It’s important that you find a partner who not only understands your business model, but is also willing to invest in your success. At SMB Integrations, each engagement is very personal. We become a true partner with your business and consider it part of our job to make proactive recommendations that will help you grow your business now — and build the base of support you’ll need in the future. Each engagement includes a complimentary consultation where our technology professionals learn more about your unique business and where we can fit in to support your technology infrastructure.

For some organizations, that means helping train users to use secure passwords, while other clients need us to set up a wireless and highly secure network. Whatever your needs, our team is here to help create a positive environment for your staff with efficient operations that will help boost productivity.

Contact SMB Integrations at 832-617-0033 to start creating the technology infrastructure that will help drive your business forward. Explore our website to learn about the full range of services that we offer for businesses of all sizes.