Structured & Low Voltage Cabling Installation

Technology professionals around the world are easily frustrated by a poor cabling solution.

Every time you need to swap a device or change configurations, the dozens of cables involved can end up creating a messy situation. Putting a proactive cabling and labeling strategy in place can save you hours of time down the road, allowing your IT teams to save time and money by quickly identifying exactly the structured and low voltage cabling that is affected by any change. From system design to installation, see how SMB Integrations can help your technology team stay organized — and maintain their sanity.

Structured & Low Voltage Cabling Installation

Cabling installation requires a solid engineering understanding of the technology that you’re powering and connecting. Our technology professionals have a deep well of knowledge as well as industry certifications that allow them to make the best recommendations that Houston businesses need. We create a high-quality, cost-effective solution that keeps your future strategy and operational needs top-of-mind. Any time your business is shifting — such as moving desks around, adding on to your space — you may need to tap into some additional cabling know-how. Our professional installation provides you with a truly finished product: structured low and high voltage cabling that is appropriately tied down, clearly labeled, and neatly installed.

Questions to Ask Your Structured & Low Voltage Cabling Installer

Finding the right partner for your important cabling needs is a crucial step and will help you avoid rework in the future. If you haven’t worked with a cabling installer lately, these questions will help you find the best match.

  • Are your cabling professionals trained and certified?
  • Did your cabling installer provide you with recommendations to help future-proof your building as you’re laying the cables?
  • Are they keeping building security and safety needs in mind as they’re balancing electrical needs?
  • Will their recommended products work with your current infrastructure?
  • Do they provide a warranty on their products, services, and installation?

As with any outsourcing partner, it’s important that you always request and check references. References should be relatively recent and have received a service similar to what you will receive.

At SMB Integrations, we provide structured and low voltage cabling for Houston and the community in the north part of Houston. We have a long history of working directly with organizations of all sizes to create a proactive strategy for cabling and other technology and infrastructure needs.

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