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It’s hard to believe that cloud computing was not a commonplace term in business only a decade ago.

Today, more than 77% of enterprises have at least a portion of their computing infrastructure or applications in the cloud.

It’s becoming hard to imagine a world where employees don’t have immediate access to the data and systems that they need to successfully work remotely. Cloud computing trends are on the rise, but small to mid-size businesses are still finding their way through the murk in many instances. The professionals at SMB Integrations work with organizations of all sizes to create a computing infrastructure that works for your business.

What Type of Cloud Services are Available?

Some organizations begin by dipping their toe in the water of cloud services by testing cloud storage solutions or a single software application. Once they gain a higher level of comfort with the security and continuity of cloud-based computing, it often isn’t long before the cloud slowly creeps into the business. Some key cloud services include:

  • Productivity software such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Cloud-based help desk or other services support
  • Secure cloud-based backups and disaster recovery solutions
  • Activity monitoring and alerting
  • Compliance reporting
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

There is a near-endless list of computing and infrastructure options that can be shifted to a cloud-based paradigm.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Services?

Perhaps the most common form of cloud services is SaaS, where users utilize software that is delivered through a web browser as opposed to installed on their local machines. This customer-facing cloud layer allows developers to continually deploy updates that are often automatically available to all users of the software. Cloud services provide small to mid-size businesses with the advantages that they need in order to compete against larger organizations by allowing them quicker access to specialized software and the ability to scale their infrastructure. SMBs can find many benefits in the cloud:

  • The subscription model of cloud services allows for a lower upfront cost and greater predictability
  • Basic server and infrastructure needs are managed remotely, such as installing servers and running backups
  • Integration may be easier with cloud-based systems
  • Updates are automatic, reducing or eliminating staff time required for patches and maintenance
  • Provides greater accessibility of crucial software to remote staff or those working on mobile devices

Creating a resilient organization begins with having platforms that can scale with your needs. With cloud services from SMB Integrations, you are seizing the opportunities for consolidation and improved efficiencies that will help keep your organization competitive in the future. Contact SMBi in Houston today at 832-617-0033 or via email at [email protected].

Our technology professionals will work closely with your team to map the enterprise-class hardware, software, and support solutions that will reduce your overall cost of ownership and enhance productivity.