Allen Anderson

At Titan Industries, our network infrastructure has always been a “back burner” task. Consequently, we were experiencing unexplained network slowdowns, failed backups, and database instability. We contacted SMB Integrations, and contracted them to replace our existing 2003 server, and migrate our domain and users to a new server, set up in line with Microsoft “best practices” rules. SMB Integrations provided all the support we could have asked for not only by providing equipment tailored to our needs but virtualizing our entire environment. Their technicians were available both on site and remotely to help perform the needed tasks both on the server and on the domain client computers to make the transfer as painless as possible, with almost no downtime to our user. They even set aside time at the end of the install to bring me up to speed on all the new capabilities of the system and made sure that I understood how everything worked so I could manage my system myself while still knowing that I could contact them to step in if I ever ran into anything that I could not handle. We are very happy with the results of SMB Integrations work here and would happily recommend them to anyone in need of IT support.

Special Projects Manager
Titan Industries, Inc