Telephony is a crucial part of your communications infrastructure, but one that many people don’t think about until there is a problem.

Customers that can’t get through your phone systems, frustrated staff members or challenging maintenance are all complaints of organizations using legacy business telephone services. Whether you need to upgrade your existing installations or add functionality your business desperately needs, SMB Integrations is your singular source for business telephone services in Houston and the surrounding communities.

Signs You Need to Change Your Business Telephone Services

Business communication has changed a great deal over the past decade or so. Typical PBX systems are weighty and may lack features that help you effectively communicate with colleagues and customers. New cloud-based phone systems not only connect individuals via telephone, but also provide an integrated communication system that includes workflows and other business applications. Organizations that utilize these updated business telephone services see significant gains in productivity across business units. Here are a few signs that it might be time to upgrade your business telephone services:

  • Your business is growing and your telephone systems aren’t flexible enough to keep up
  • You are increasingly spending money on maintenance
  • Telephone service has become unreliable with dropped calls or faulty switches
  • You want to integrate your telephone services with email, your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system or other platforms

If you’re seeing several of these signs within your business, it may be time to explore an expansive upgrade or system with updated functionality.

Features of the Best Business Telephone Services

Business telephony is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and can vary greatly based on the unique needs of your organization. Some enhanced features that are available in cloud communications include integration with email and other platforms such as SMS texting or video calls, reduction in installed hardware and the ability to scale more quickly. Businesses appreciate the ability to “plug and play”workstations without requiring physical rewiring or even hardware moves. Seamless, efficient and secure cloud communications provide a backdrop for advanced tech such as interactive customer service bots and quick, secure access to unified personal or financial information. These unified communications systems allow employees to consolidate all of their conversations and communication tools into one platform, resulting in significant capacity increases.

Impressive communication arrays are often deployed to help businesses jump ahead of their competitors. Today’s business telephone services make it easier than ever to deploy and scale communications infrastructure that will truly differentiate your business in the eyes of your customers.

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