SMB Integrations

Connected to Things That Matter!



  1. Audit Existing Telecom Spend

    When you are unhappy with your existing provider, any and all issues sting that much more. Even more so if these issues impact revenue or business operations. At SMB Integrations, we ask for you to send your existing telecom bills and contract ends dates over! We will analyze and formulate a strategy to keep business continuity and efficiency at an all time high.

  2. Source Available Carriers

    With our existing partnerships of 100+ different providers globally, we are able to source different solutions catered to your needs and wants! Not to promotions. This is a no cost to you extension of SMB Integrations services that helps provide our clients the right services for their needs.

  3. Extend Offerings

    Once we gather all data relevant to your request, we compile a 2-3 options along with our recommendation. At the end of the day, we do not care which provider or route you choose.

  4. Execute Agreement

    Once we discuss the options presented, we will gather any agreements or contracts with the applicable carrier and be the single source provider you need when it comes to handling service issues, billing and/or changes.

  5. Become a valuable resource

    Our goal at SMB Integrations is to be the all in one approach to handling all things IT and Telecommunications. Whether its opening a new location, cabling, and or internet; allow us to provide you the concierge service your business needs to navigate todays new endeavors!

Retail Use Case

SMBI has helped the Retail space by providing a seamless process of onboarding IT and Telecom needs as your retail locations grow. Not only do we make it easy, we also strive to keep your cost as low as possible.

Manufacturing Use Case

In the Manufacturing vertical SMBI helps secure data, implement strategies around business goals and source telecommunication solutions. Through our deployments we consult and implement solutions the right way the first time so you can focus on what matters!

HealthCare, Hospitality and/or Finance Use Case

The biggest objective in these verticals is secure communication, reliable connectivity, and help desk support. Here at SMBI not only will we accomplish these tasks, we will do so in the most efficient meaningful way possible. Your success is our success!