We provide professional wireless network site surveys and wireless network heat mapping services in Bellaire, TX. Site surveys are a critical phase in building a reliable wireless network. Careful planning is essential to ensure that your wireless infrastructure performs in a manner that is consistent with best practices. That is why we cannot stress enough how important it is to do a wireless network site survey first before the deployment of any wireless network.

Here at SMB Integrations, our wireless network engineers are equipped with the right tools to assess your building and environment. We will help you avoid the many pitfalls of a poorly planned wireless network rollout.

SMB Integrations’ Wireless Network Site Surveys include:

We familiarize ourselves with the current state of the wireless environment and make recommendations from there.

RF Testing
We ensure that every device has a stable connection, good signal strength and the best equipment placement

We setup, configure and test everything, ensuring you get the full benefits of a properly installed, business-class wireless network.

We provide a detailed report containing the wireless design: survey heatmaps, photographs of the site and the wireless infrastructure.

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Our certified wireless engineers will analyze your requirements before offering recommendations for targeted improvements to your wireless network that drive real value.
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