It can be costly to provide physical security. Hiring full time security guards to increase the safety and security of your employees, visitors or students, as well as your premises and assets, is often too expensive a solution. Today’s businesses are seeking innovative, affordable options that deliver a rapid and appropriate response to crimes or emergencies that may arise. We provide and install professional surveillance systems and security cameras in Bellaire, TX.

Our IP surveillance solutions use your company’s existing network and internet connection to transmit images from analog and/or IP cameras over public networks. These systems record and allow live streaming of video and still images into a standard Web browser, so video can be viewed in real time, or recorded digitally and stored for playback at a later time. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate the enhanced capabilities and cost-savings our IP video surveillance solutions can provide your organization.

Our security camera solutions are ideal for:

  • Companies with large real estate that needs to be under surveillance such as car dealerships
  • Companies that need to be able to store videos for later retrieval
  • Companies that want to be able to remotely control cameras from far away