Prepping for a move requires a great deal of energy, time and focus — and that’s before you factor in the added complexity of your growing technology needs.

You need to be sure that your new location will be able to handle your needs now and in the future. Working with IT relocations services in Houston gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have planned for every eventuality and are fully ready for your move.

How Can IT Relocations Services in Houston Assist with Our Move?

Moving all of your office and telecom equipment can be quite a chore, especially if you haven’t executed a move of this scale in the past. Simply assuring that all the computer are returned to their rightful owners upon arriving at the new location is a major project. You need a great deal of organization, planning and requirements gathering before you are ready to get started. IT relocations services in Houston are able to jump into your project and provide their insight over dozens of moves. These lessons learned will help you create a bulletproof plan to safely and efficiently move your office technology.

Managing Risk While You Move

There is a great deal of confusion during any move, and with all the additional personnel it wouldn’t be surprising if some expensive hardware “walked away” from the office in the ruckus. There is also a higher risk of damage to delicate computers and other equipment unless your moving personnel are well-versed in how to safely mobilize office technology. Partnership with an IT relocations services provider helps you walk through the critical steps leading up to your move:

  • Gathering key business technology requirements from stakeholders and documenting potential growth opportunities
  • Protecting your business data and systems by creating a flexible Business Continuity Plan
  • Organizing your move at all stages — from packing and unpacking the technology to creating checklists for setup and teardown
  • Defining a Business Technology Test Plan that helps guide the move and ensures that your first day in the new office goes smoothly
  • Identifying resources for the move and mitigating any restrictions imposed in your new office location

Starting these steps early in the move planning process helps your move go more smoothly and reduces overall confusion for your technology teams and business staff alike.

At SMB Integrations, we have found that a highly collaborative approach provides the highest success rate for our IT relocations services in Houston. We will work tirelessly with your IT personnel to understand the current and future business needs and ensure that your move progresses smoothly with minimal interruption to your operations. It’s never too early to begin the planning process for an upcoming move.

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