Have you ever wondered why your business should invest in the services of an IT company in Houston? If so, you haven’t yet realized the benefits offered by utilizing the services offered by the best IT company in Houston – SMB Integrations. The fact is, numbers speak louder than words, so here are a few numbers that may help you see why these services are so invaluable.

When you partner with the right Houston IT company, it’s one of the best ways for you to protect your business from the growing threats out there. Consider this:

  • Other businesses have recognized this need as, at the end of 2018, cyber security spending topped $96 billion (aren’t you ready to join the crowd?)
  • More than 260 million records with sensitive information have been compromised during the initial four months of 2018
  • It can take more than 200 days to detect a data breach, putting your business information at risk
  • Cybercrime damages are going to cost more than $6 trillion each year by 2021

As you can see, the cost of cyber risks, and not having the services of an MSP are high. Don’t let your business fall victim to this. Instead, use the services of SMB Integrations. Doing so can help ensure your business is protected, and that your clients are confident in your ability to keep their sensitive information and data safe and secure.

The Right IT Company in Houston: Why the Answer is Always SMB Integrations

When you begin searching for a Houston IT services company, one of the first things you are going to realize is the vast number of options out there. As a result, it’s up to you to find the right one for your business and your needs.

With technology becoming more integrated into each part of every business, making sure that your IT company in Houston can offer the benefits your business needs is absolutely vital to growth and smooth operations. At SMB Integrations, the team is able to offer comprehensive IT management services to help keep all aspects of any Houston-based business functioning at its very best. This includes everything from securing data storage, to day to day activities and even protecting businesses when disaster strikes.

The services offered by SMB Integrations are comprehensive, and include all of the following:

  • Consulting and security assessments to keep a businesses’ data and information safe and protected from cyber threats, regardless of if they originate from Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, or anywhere else around the world.
  • Management and securing of smartphones and other devices.
  • Avoidance and disaster recovery services designed to help businesses recover from disasters if they occur, as well as avoid them to begin with.
  • Data backup and restoration services to ensure your files will always be available to you and protected from any type of disaster, including ransomware.
  • Managed wireless data networks to make sure that Houston based customers have access to a secure, manageable and business level WiFi connection.
  • The company provides complete support for all devices – including laptops, desktops and mobile devices – with the Houston IT services company.

What Sets the Team at SMB Integrations Apart from all Houston IT Companies

At SMBi, the IT department consists of skilled IT professionals who have the experience and the expertise in their field and who are completely dedicated to helping a person with any and all of their IT needs. Before entering into any agreement with a client, the company performs a complete analysis of the current system in place, as well as what a business may require in the future. This helps the company spot any possible costs that may occur, protect the business from any unexpected or unpleasant surprises. Also, this consultation approach allows the IT professionals to discuss the unique needs the business has to ensure transparency throughout the entire process.

Regardless of if a business needs the services of an IT company in Houston for a large, medium or small business, the staff at SMB fully understands that every business is different and therefore requires customized solutions. The goal of this company is to create a solution that’s uniquely tailored to a business’s needs, which is set up to provide the best possible results.

SMB is proud to offer its IT services and supports for a wide array of well-known brands. The goal of the company is to form trusted, lasting relationships with each client by providing consistent reliability and transparent communication. The company utilizes the latest and most innovative technology to ensure business clients receive the best services possible, regardless of what their needs may be.

Find just a few of the many different ways that the managed IT services provided by SMB Integrations can benefit any business here:

  • Access to Real-Time Support: There is always someone available to provide help to clients, which means there’s no waiting until morning. With this company, business clients have fast, reliable support and service.
  • Reduced Costs: Not only do business clients have access to an entire team of experts in the field, but they can get these services for much less than what an on-site team would cost.
  • Services that are Pro-Active: Rather than a reactive service, clients of SMB have a pro-active company working to stop issues before they start. The company has tools in place to constantly monitor what’s going on with your systems, providing feedback and more. The staff of SMB is provided regular updates regarding whether or not your servers are running properly – even after hours.
  • One rather than Many: Rather than just hiring one person to handle IT issues in a business, with SMB, a business has access to an entire team of experts with a wide array of skills and abilities. This means that there’s an expert to help address any issue that may be present and provide real services and solutions that ensure things are working properly once again.

SMB Integrations is dedicated to providing clients with the services they need for a price they can afford; however, this is just one of the ways the company stands out from the competition. The information above highlights the unique services and dedication to customer success that this company and each staff member has.

Choose SMB Integrations for the Best Possible Results

If you are on the fence regarding whether or not you should hire a professional IT service provider in Houston, the answer is a resounding “yes.” This is an investment that will be well-worth it in the long run, and that will help you save money while protecting your business’s reputation and client’s information. For those who want to learn more about the best IT company in Houston, they can reach out to the professionals at SMB Integrations who will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have about their services, prices or anything else about your business technology – now and in the future.