SMB Integrations is an IT management company that offers Harris County businesses the solutions they need to protect themselves from both physical threats and cyber attacks. Technology security involves managing physical threats as well as cyber attacks. You must be able to protect your self from the simplest of scams as well as the most sophisticated cyber attacks using everything from firewalls to simple common sense. Cyber attacks can take many forms and it’s up to you to make sure your network is as secure as possible at all times.

Police Warrant Scams

Phishing scams, like police warrant scams, use technology that allows the perpetrators to clone the phone number of local law enforcement agencies. This means that you will see the name and phone number of your local police department on your caller ID. While this may seem like it’s a legitimate problem, you have to remember that if you are a successful business person, the police will be able to find you. They especially won’t allow you to pay them off to make a warrant go away. If you have questions, call the police and ask them directly.

IRS Scams

IRS scams follow along with the same line as the police warrant scams. In this case, however, the phishers have your some of your more private information and will use it to boost their credibility. Their ultimate goal is to extort as much money as they can and get you to purchase a debit card and load it with a specific amount of money. Much of the information the scammers use can be gained by phishing but it can also be found on the dark web. At SMB Integrations, we can help protect both your personal and business information from scammers who use various tools to hack into your network or locate your information in areas that you may not know exist. People can find almost any type of information on the Dark Web and every bit of it has a price tag.


While having a hard-wired network is the most effective way to secure your business network, Wi-Fi is one tool that allows you to move beyond the office. With Wi-Fi, however, your vulnerability increases exponentially. It’s essential that you have security measures in place that will allow you to work remotely while still maintaining a solid level of protection that not only reduces your risk of being phished but also protects your devices from malware and other tools that hackers use.

Advancements in technology allow people to phish information from cell phones, credit cards, and unsecured networks. The key is to be able to block their efforts while still maintaining your productivity and efficiency. Employing multiple step authentication or using a specific passcode with a fingerprint are just two ways you can protect your information and minimize your vulnerability even if you are forced to work over an unsecured network. Know what resources you have available to you and use them at all times. When it comes to technology security, you must never let your guard down. Evaluate your settings regularly and make sure all of your security protocols are in place and functioning efficiently.


Two of the easiest ways a hacker can get into your system are to embed infected links into an email and discover your passwords. These two methods can wreak havoc on your network. This can equally devastate both your personal and business systems. If your network is breached, you can easily transfer the malware or virus from one network to another if they both aren’t adequately protected. At SMB Integrations, I can create technology security solutions that will identify these breaches before they have a chance to do irreparable damage to your network. Hackers aren’t interested in your system for any other reason than to obtain sensitive information through weakened or unsecured portions of your network. Prevent hackers from gaining the upper hand by changing your passwords often, using two-step authentication, and never opening unsolicited emails or the attachments they contain.

At SMB Integrations, my goal is to help you protect your interests by providing you with technology security solutions that protect your network and your devices while allowing them to perform as efficiently as possible. When you want a company you can trust, call SMB Integrations for all of your technology security programs and software. For your business to continue to grow and expand, you need to know that you are fully protected on every possible level. I can provide you with the tools and resources you need to effectively manage all of your IT needs, on both a personal and professional level.