You’ve made the decision to find IT support in SpringTX, but where do you begin? Knowing that you need help is the first step, but it quickly becomes critical to determine which Spring TX IT companies will be a great fit for your organization. Determining fit starts with knowing the right questions to ask each of your potential partners.

Here are the top 5 questions you should ask as you begin your interviews.

1. Does the IT company in Spring, TX have experience in your business vertical?

If you have a financial service or healthcare business, you need to work with an organization that understands the additional legal and compliance requirements for your distinct business. The same is true for any customer-facing business, your partner needs to have a firm grasp on your unique security needs. The best way to ensure that Spring, TX IT companies understand your needs is to request information about their experience in your vertical.

2. Do the IT support company from Spring, TX have experience with your software and infrastructure configuration?

There is an infinite number of ways to layer your technology stack. There are some key elements that are often shared such as storage solutions and whether platforms are hosted on-premise or whether you’re using mainly cloud-based applications. When you are interviewing potential IT support in SpringTX, an important question is around whether your potential partners have experience using your main software elements.

For instance, you probably wouldn’t want to work with a company that only has experience working with on-premise software and storage solutions if your business is mainly in the cloud. While there are many similarities, there are distinct differences around security, data storage and backup/recovery strategies that are best served by an organization who has experience with similar infrastructure setups.

The same is true of software packages. While your IT company in Spring may not need to know the details about each platform in your IT stack, it’s good for them to have at least a passing familiarity with how your various software packages relate to each other in order to maintain high levels of security.

3. Does the  Spring TX IT company stay current with the latest technologies?

Next-generation firewalls are one of the hottest topics in technology today, but is your potential service provider aware of the nuance that makes a firewall truly “next-gen”? While a traditional firewall does offer a serious level of protection, a true next-generation firewall is an integrated suite of services that add an application-level review, filtering, and intrusion protection. Based on the configuration, these advanced security tools often integration malware blocking as well as awareness tools to keep protect your business. Your IT company in Spring should have a full understanding of this enhanced firewall option and be able to explain to you whether or not this type of protection is necessary for your business.

4. Are they truly from Spring, TX?

While remote support may cover the vast majority of your help desk and other needs, it’s good to know that your IT services provider will be able to get someone onsite for you quickly in the event of an emergency such as a data breach or OS failure. Be sure to ask how far away each potential partner’s office is from your various locations and how long you can expect to wait for service if you need it quickly.

5. Does the Spring IT Services company you’re speaking with offer proactive monitoring services?

Quick response times when you need them are fantastic. What’s even better is the ability to catch small problems before they have an opportunity to escalate. A crucial question for your potential IT services partners is how they actively monitor your account to ensure that you have adequate uptime and rapid remediation. Catching problems when they are small allows your business to continue profitable operations instead of causing extreme downtime, lost productivity and frustrating your customers. Proactive monitoring services are an important factor in determining your ideal IT outsourcing partner.

6. How many team members are on your Spring TX IT Support staff?

Before you make a commitment to a single IT services provider, you need to know the depth of their bench. If another client happens to have a crisis at the same time you’re experiencing a problem — are there enough knowledgeable associates available to support both organizations? Your IT services partner should have enough capacity with in-depth experience that you’re able to efficiently receive responses to your questions support requests. IT service organizations that are too small run the risk of losing a critical resource and leaving your business without the expertise that you need to maintain operational readiness.

Anytime you’re preparing to execute a contract with a partner, you need to ensure that you have adequate references — and check them! Your potential IT company should be delighted to share a list of clients they are currently working with, too. These two items, together with the answers to the above questions, should provide you with a solid base of knowledge about your potential partners.