Remote IT Support In Houston

You can’t afford to stop your business every time a user needs technical support. With remote IT support, your users will get quick access to the help they need to keep moving.  

It’s inevitable that you will have some sort of technical difficulty or challenges within your business, often on a daily basis depending on the size of your organization. When this happens, your staff members may be essentially unable to work — standing idly by and waiting for tech support before they can get back to being productive. If you are relying on internal IT teams, you will quickly find that they are being pulled in multiple directions which can be a detriment to their ability to move projects forward quickly. Working with trusted, fast-acting remote IT support is often the best way to get your teams back to business without losing momentum on important projects.

Growth of Remote Technical Support

Remote working is one of the major trends for 2020, and technical workers have proved that they add significant value even when they’re not physically on location. The tools and technology that are used to manage remote technical support have matured significantly in the past few years, with managed IT service providers having access to enterprise-scale software that creates a seamless flow of communication. Users are able to track the status of their support tickets online and submit tickets via a variety of different methods, all while gaining guaranteed response times through detailed service level agreements (SLAs). This creates an additional layer of trust for organizations that are new to using remote technical support because users will have a solid expectation of when their issues will be resolved.

Quick Escalation and Proactive Communication are Key to Successful Remote IT Support

Another part of your service level agreement will cover escalation, and how quickly projects are pushed to a Tier II support engineer. These individuals are well-qualified and certified on a range of different software and hardware solutions and can dig deep into your network and individual systems to rapidly identify any issues and begin remediation. One of the most important components of a successful remote IT support relationship is to ensure that both partners are clear on the lines of communication and how a change in request status will be handled. Look for IT services providers that are willing and able to proactively share updates when there is a status change or problems are resolved so your staff does not waste time wondering what’s happening with their request.

While nearly every problem can now be solved via remote IT support, it doesn’t hurt to know that there’s a local technician standing by in case of an emergency. The professionals at SMB Integrations have been the #1 IT services and solutions provider in the Houston and Harris County area for years, and take pride in maintaining fast networks and a high level of security for small to mid-size businesses throughout the region. Our 24/7 support portal allows us to quickly identify and remediate problems remotely with active monitoring by highly engaged technical experts. Contact us at 832-617-0033 or chat online anytime at