Restore Data Quickly with Ransomware Recovery in Houston

Recovering from a ransomware attack requires care and diligence — and an experienced cybersecurity partner. See how SMB Integrations can help.  

Did you know that only half of businesses that fall victim to ransomware regain full access to their data after paying the ransom? This statistic isn’t surprising when you consider the shocking IT security skills deficit that most companies are suffering, with IT leaders attempting to supplement their internal resources with external support. The success of your ransomware recovery in Houston is highly dependent on the skills of the team that are working through your recovery process. Understanding the threat and attack vector allow your IT services team to have the best possible opportunity to recover all or most of your sensitive business data. While paying the ransom might seem like a quick-fix to restoring your company’s operations, don’t make that decision before speaking with cybersecurity recovery professionals.

Steps to Take If Your Company Sustains a Ransomware Attack

It’s important to note that a ransomware attack is a federal crime, meaning you should contact your local authorities as well as file a complaint at the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center. If you have cybersecurity insurance, contact your insurance agency to see if there are specifics that you need to consider as you’re getting ready to remediate the actions that were taken. Some cybersecurity insurance is very specific about paying the ransom (or not!), so it’s best to check with your agent before taking action. Next, you’ll want to retain an IT service provider that specializes in ransomware recovery in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Trusted Ransomware Recovery in Houston and Harris County

The recovery process truly begins with identifying the particular ransomware variant, often performed by via a remote evaluation. Depending on the extent of the attack, your service provider’s forensic team can help determine if there was a data breach that would require additional notifications to customers and to law enforcement. This phase also includes a full analysis of why the breach occurred, how to remediate the vulnerability and protect against this type of attack in the future. Whether or not you pay the ransom, there’s a strong possibility that you can regain access to all or most of your business data within a reasonable time period. While there are no guarantees of full data recovery, the entire process could be anywhere from several days to weeks — during which time your teams may have to find alternative methods for maintaining operations.

The best protection against ransomware is having a secure, reliable backup and disaster recovery plan in place. Recovering your data and business applications after a ransomware breach isn’t guaranteed, which is why you need to engage professionals who have experience in this type of recovery. The cybersecurity professionals at SMB Integrations will work closely with your teams to identify the vulnerability to prevent recurring incidents while defining a path for recovery. Our goal is to get your business operations back online as quickly and securely as possible. Contact SMB Integrations at 832-617-0033 or via email to to learn more about how we support ransomware recovery in Houston and Harris County.