Which Cloud-Based Productivity Technology Do You Need?

There’s a big debate in the business world between Google’s G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. Which is truly right for your business? The answer: It depends.  

There’s a heated debate that resonates throughout the business and tech communities: should we move from the tried-and-true Microsoft Office and check out the “new” Google G Suite for office productivity? While Google’s tools are a bit more basic, both software suites are extremely reliable and can be used both online and offline. Need to collaborate with remote colleagues in real-time? No problem for either platform! On paper, both platforms seem to offer quite similar options, with a word processor, email options, spreadsheet functionality and presentation software. Once you dig a bit deeper, you’ll start to see the differences.

Which is More Expensive: Google’s G Suite or Microsoft Office 365?

Software companies do not like to make it too simple to compare their pricing with direct competitors, so it’s a bit of a challenge to wade through which version of G Suite or Office 365 you will need for your business. Let’s assume you’re running a 10-person, for-profit business and you need a decent amount of storage per user — your pricing looks like this:

One key difference between the two is that Microsoft Office requires an annual commitment to receive their best pricing. Another important note is that you can always use Google’s free version of G Suite but you will be subjected to a bit of advertising. Having some flexibility in your monthly costs is often good for startups or organizations that are in an active growth mode.

Are You Losing Functionality with G Suite?

This truly gets to the heart of the difference between the two leading productivity platforms. While G Suite does allow you to work offline, Microsoft has full-featured apps that can be downloaded locally to up to 5 devices per user. Google’s Sheets doesn’t have the horsepower you’ll need for heavy number-crunching and you’ll probably miss some advanced features in both Google Docs and Slides if you’re a current Microsoft Office user. When you look at how the two stacks up, over 80% of organizations that use cloud-based productivity software have shifted to Microsoft Office 365, but Google’s G Suite is gaining some ground and has over 5 million businesses currently paying for the platform.

Work from anywhere on any device has never been easier than with today’s cloud-based productivity solutions. While both Microsoft and Google provide a variety of solutions for businesses of all sizes, which product is right for your business depends on a variety of factors that require individual analysis. When you’re ready to continue the conversation, contact the professionals at SMB Integrations at 832-617-0033 or via email to sales@smbintegrations.com. Our focus on providing the right IT services and solutions for companies of all sizes explains why we are considered the #1 IT services provider in Houston. From helping you work through a skills gap in your business to cloud-based productivity solutions, networking and more, our certified technical experts have been serving Houston corporations for years.