Why Network Standardization Is Crucial for Your Houston or Harris County Business

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What awaits you as you enter your server room? Is it barely controlled chaos or beautifully organized, labeled, and operating smoothly? Standardization in all your IT infrastructure processes helps you scale up quickly when the opportunity arises. The more simplified your processes are, the easier they are to change or recreate. SMB Integrations can help your IT systems get ready to grow with your Houston-based business.

“If you think of standardization as the best that you know today, but which is to be improved tomorrow; you get somewhere.”
-Henry Ford

Want to Hear The Story of the Would-Be Client, Held Back By Specialization?

Imagine a C-level employee running up the white flag for help. Let’s call him Chad. Chad meets with an IT managed services provider about hiring help to manage his network. The story goes that, with new responsibilities, he needed to hand-off this critical piece of the business. So, dutifully the IT consultant goes off and comes back with a plan to standardize the network hardware so that training would be easier and not dependent on a single handler.

Chad’s reaction? Complete shock and dismay.

Chad stated that he knew the current system intimately and had built over the last two years. He only wanted someone to train someone to do things his way.

After waiting for Chad to calm down, the consultant asked a single question, “Do you want to be tied to this technology forever or do you want to fix it?”

Chad capitulated and let the MSP team do what he hired them to do.

What Did Our Hero Forget to Take into Account?

It probably wouldn’t take you long to identify yourself or someone you work with who has been in Chad’s shoes. He didn’t stop to think about the long run; he just wanted this to run smoothly for the short-term horizon while he put out another fire. Many opportunities for innovations get stopped in their tracks for this very reason — fear of change and unwillingness to feel the pain during a major shift in IT infrastructure, design, and strategy.

What Processes in Your Business Have Only One or Two People Who Understand Them?

SMB Integrations installs and manages business-class network solutions that all our technicians understand. This means that one resource can swap out for another in a pinch or anytime extra help is required. It’s possible to get your Houston business running this smoothly too. Let us evaluate your system and recommend cloud services, improved cybersecurity, and automation that can free up your resources and make your entire IT system scalable — which is crucial for SMBs just starting to ramp up their businesses.

How Can You Shed Light on Processes Hoarded by One Resource?

Chad had no dark motives when it came to protecting the system he had designed and built. He merely lost focus on the endgame. One of the great advantages of hiring a managed service provider is that a fresh set of eyes can introduce a new perspective. Let the experts at SMB Integrations share their vision and reap the rewards of standardization.

You may find that your business operations flow more smoothly once outdated hardware and software, accompanied by business process improvements, are updated.

To learn how SMB consultants can standardize and streamline your Houston or Harris County business, contact us today.