Managing Employees During COVID-19

Managing Employees During COVID-19

Employees can work from home.

SMBi can provide remote working accessibility. Its time to prepare!

Our team accesses your company systems, allows interaction with data and documents, phones and videoconferencing. SMBi's best practices ascertain all your team can do through the safety of remaining connected while apart. A secure cloud based environment keeps personnel and assets safe during todays quick changing events.

Time to assess collaboration tools and remote working arrangements. Since COCID-19 is now, working remotely should be considered , be prepared regardless

Our team will access your company systems, data and documents, phones, and videoconferencing. SMBi’s Best practices include managerial power user , walk through ,daily responsibilities, ascertain what can be completed remotely, and how working from home will impact the team. More importantly by providing a secure cloud based environment to keep personnel and assets safe beyond today’s events.

Here's How the Cloud helps:

Cloud & Citrix technologies make it seamless while your team works from any location. Our Citrix Solution allows employees working on any device support from built in security measures keeping data safe. Citrix provides stable communication with those working remotely, collaborating on files, and staying in touch with instant messaging and video conferencing.

From security and compliance to productivity and cost, Citrix is one of the most appealing network and connectivity suites for business. Learn how Citrix solutions helps support your organization. Contact the technology professionals at SMB Integrations today at 832-617-0033 or via email at [email protected].