When it comes to finding managed IT services Houston businesses can trust, the most important thing to consider is searching for a forward-thinking company that can move your business forward by creating a scalable and critical business infrastructure.

Your IT provider must think proactively, anticipating every strategy and weighing its effects on your business at all times. If you are going to trust this company with your data, software, and all your equipment, then they must be capable of handling large-scale systems and protecting all of your assets from possible issues that are likely to arise.

How do you build this trust and maintain it in a long-term, productive business relationship? It all starts with finding the right company.

Your IT Company Must Prepare for Next-Gen Cyber Attacks

To begin with, your IT company must have strategies already in place that prepares for next-generation cyber attacks. Old antivirus software, small-scale VPNs, and malware detection may be able to detect cyber activity. However, hackers are finding ways to bypass these thin layers of protection and even use the software against the user.

Thus, your managed IT services Houston provider has to think next-level and move beyond the old practices into a more multi-layered approach for protection. They must also anticipate where the vulnerable hot spots are for attacks.

What should you look for? Companies that offer more advanced solutions that include all the following combined:

  • High-level combined antivirus, malware, spyware, and ransomware protection all working together
  • Cloud DNS security to protect the network
  • Complex networks passwords that are changed frequently
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Security training for all your employees
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity plan in place

It comes down to this: the more IT & network security an IT company offers, the more they can be trusted to protect your entire infrastructure and digital assets.

Your IT Company Must Offer Scalable Solutions

Here’s something else to consider when it comes to finding an IT company you can trust:

What role will the Houston IT company play in your business growth and technology development? Will they merely be spectators who show up every once in a while when something goes wrong? Or, will they be the catalyst that spurs your business expansion? Will you look back in five years and realize that the reason your business is thriving is that you had the right IT tools in place that allowed you to expand?

These are critical questions you should be asking. In today’s aggressive market, the difference between you and your competitor’s success is who is taking advantage of the most advanced scalable IT tech available today.

Scalability simply means this: You have an IT platform in place that will allow you to improve and increase your workflow and organizational processes. What are some areas where scalability is vital?

  • Communication: You want the freedom and flexibility to be able to install new equipment, add telephone features, or onboard new members to your team.
  • Collaboration: You want the ability to find more efficient and centralized solutions that allow your team to work together on projects.
  • Customers: You want the ability to accommodate your customers without interruption regardless of sudden bursts in customer growth.
  • Continuity: You want there to be little to no disruptions in your workflow or business operations every time you need to add hardware or software to your network.

Your IT provider must understand this dynamic in your business and respond with scalable solutions that allow you to spread your wings without constraint or problems.

Your IT Provider Must Understand Your Industry

Specialization doesn’t just involve industry expertise. It also means putting the right technology in place so that you can best serve your clients in a way that makes sense in your industry. For example, the IT solutions for the healthcare industry may look very different from the real estate or legal sector.

Therefore, your IT provider must know your industry and which areas are most critical for IT support:

  • Compliance
  • Hardware and equipment
  • IoT devices currently in use
  • Security threats targeted in the industry
  • Popular cloud-based software that professionals often use

Providing IT in a specific industry means understanding the relationship between the employees and the technology and how they use the technology to provide exceptional customer service, improve their internal processes, and boost their business growth.

Your Managed IT Services Houston Provider

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