Who Provides IT Services In Houston That I Can Trust_

Asking yourself, who provides IT services Houston businesses can trust to do the job, right…the first time?

Houston business owners need reliable, trusted IT service providers to keep systems running efficiently and data secure and monitored. There are many options for IT services Houston TX companies can consider. However, with SMB Integrations, companies can choose a partner with the experience, expertise and breadth of services that make them such a trusted partner for Houston companies large and small.

What should executives look for when exploring IT services Houston organizations need?

Why Should We Use a Houston IT Services Company?

Businesses have many pressing responsibilities. Maintaining servers, monitoring for suspicious activity, and providing end-user support should not be handled in-house by companies with small IT staffs. Instead, an IT services company offers affordable solutions that deliver:

  • Cost Savings. With IT solutions from SMB Integrations, your users will be connected, networks will be reliable and problems will be addressed quickly. Instead of paying for costly repairs, upgrades and maintenance on an as-needed basis, managed IT solutions deliver a suite of services at a predictable monthly cost. Your operations will be more efficient with optimized networks, productivity software and reliable connectivity for employees working remotely.
  • Innovative Technologies. With SMB Integrations as your partner, you’ll have access to the newest technical solutions, infrastructure and apps that help you meet your business goals. Our business expertise enables you to make smart investments.
  • Comprehensive Approach. An IT services company should focus on understanding your business needs and goals, your company and its people, and your industry. At SMB Integrations, we provide a full range of services, from IT consulting and strategic planning to managed IT and cloud solutions to business continuity and data recovery. We want to be your partner in understanding and solving your most significant business IT challenges.

How Do Managed IT Services Work?

Managed IT simplifies the support of your infrastructure and computers. For a set monthly fee, SMB Integrations offers the following services:

  • Desktop Management
    • Help-desk support
    • Hardware and software audits
    • Alert monitoring
    • Performance, patch and anti-virus reporting on demand
    • Anti-malware software
    • Support for Windows, Mac and mobile devices
  • Server Management
    • Alert filtering and validation
    • Complete remote problem resolution
    • Application, performance and hardware monitoring
    • Server maintenance
    • Remote system restart

With managed IT, your Houston IT consulting & support provider worries about the systems and devices so you can concentrate on your core business.

How Can I Keep Data Secure?

With cloud solutions, companies can keep data and applications housed safely and usable via a web browser. Your company will not have to pay for hardware, software and in-house maintenance, storage and utility costs. Instead, your data will be stored off-site with rigorous digital and physical protections.

Cloud solutions are highly scalable. As your company grows, so too can your cloud usage. No need to pay for too much server space or not have enough on site for your needs.

At SMB Integrations, we help Houston companies migrate data to the cloud and provide secure cloud data backups. Whether you need an entirely cloud-based solution or a hybrid combination of cloud and on-premises services, we can help deploy, store, protect and access information.

How Can I Prepare for Disasters Like Hurricane Harvey?

Harvey’s devastating effects on Houston are still felt today. Fortunately, there are easy steps you can take to make sure your business is ready for the next natural disaster or a cyber attack.

Business continuity and disaster recovery services help companies plan for the worst cases. SMB Integrations helps companies develop IT solutions that can be used in the case of a disaster. Our services include:

How Do I Know If My Infrastructure Is Optimized?

SMB Integrations’ network engineers can assess your wireless environment and make recommendations to improve efficiency. We will suggest improvements that optimize:

  • Equipment placement
  • Signal strength
  • Device connection stability
  • Configuration

We will install and test the network solutions and provide you with detailed reports that include the network design, heatmaps and photographs.

Cabling is another essential part of your IT infrastructure. You need a partner that can assess your existing cabling, identify needs, design a solution and deploy it. Our cabling services include network, data and communications cabling; cable and wiring repair; cable and wiring moves; and server rack cabling, organization and labeling.

Small and mid-sized businesses need proven partners to deliver industry-best IT solutions. SMB Integrations delivers carefully tailored solutions that fit your unique business needs. To learn more and schedule a free consultation, contact us today.