The need for managed IT services seems to be growing as fast as computer technology itself. Fewer than one in five companies is thinking about using a managed service provider, and many companies are still using employees who are assigned in other areas to carry out necessary computer tasks1. This isn’t just inefficient, but it means the people working on IT problems don’t have the time and resources to provide the best services possible.

One big reason companies aren’t yet making the change is because it’s normal to be resistant to change. Change is scary, and you don’t want to make new changes without knowing for sure how it will work out. It seems easier to wait and see what happens with the new ways of doing things, but sometimes waiting means being left behind. If you want to get the most significant return on your investment, sometimes you have to leap when you find a new way of doing things.

Why Use an IT Services Company in Spring TX?

Things are going okay now. When something goes wrong, you have someone within the company who will stop what they’re doing and get to work on the problem. It turns out that not only is this not the best way overall, it probably isn’t even the best as far as saving money.

  • You can improve the dependability of your operations with managed services. Time is money, and any time you spend down isn’t just time not working — it’s time when your customers could be deciding to go somewhere else. You can get remote monitoring and management to watch for problems before they arise, and decide on a disaster plan that includes backup and recovery. Trust goes both ways, and you want your customers to know that they can trust you. Business magnate Warren Buffet famously said, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.”
  • Managed IT services can achieve the most efficient use of resources, which in turn leads to more productivity. You can’t necessarily justify every dollar your business spends, but you can certainly take credit when you have improved efficiency. The people who are invested in your company can know that you are making the best decisions with their resources.
  • Better security is critical for protecting both your business and your customers. Your managed service provider will be at the forefront of new technology, patching in updates as they come in instead of waiting until there is a problem and then reacting. Your IT services company in Spring TX will also help you keep up with any new requirements for compliance, especially if you choose a company already familiar with your field. You can work together for the best results.
  • With a negotiated contract, you will choose exactly which services you need and get predictable pricing. You can get as little or as much as you need in the way of services, but you will always know that you only need to pay for what you think your company needs at that moment. That also gives you the freedom of adding more services when you need to.

How Do I Choose an IT Services Company in Spring TX I Can Personally Trust?

They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, and sometimes that feels like what we’re doing when we rely on computers to do our work. You need to be able to trust your services and know that you can depend on them throughout your busy work days (and nights). Even when there is not a data breach, it is shocking to find out what services we thought we could trust (like Facebook, Amazon, and AT & T) are not protecting our data2.

Whether you need IT Consulting Services, Managed IT, Cloud Storage or Relocation, SMB Integrations has the experience you need with the values you can trust. Besides the standard certifications common in the IT area, we are partnered with the Texas Health Care Association and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. SMB isn’t just a tech company; we’re part of your community, and we work hard to provide the kind of services we would expect for our friends and family. Just like with friends and family, we will answer any questions you have and make you comfortable.

It can be hard to know who to trust, especially in an area which seems as new as managed service providers. You can look at our testimonials and speak with our other clients to see that we live up to our promises and we want you to feel comfortable with your technology. SMB Integrations is based in the Houston area and provides managed IT services to both large and small businesses throughout Houston and Harris County. Even if you don’t feel ready to make the jump into the future with the idea of managed services, you can always chat with us about ways we can help your company achieve at its top potential.