As a thriving company in Pasadena, Texas, one of the most important endeavors you face is managing your IT services efficiently and effectively. For most companies, this means finding a Pasadena TX IT service company with the capabilities to handle your IT services adequately.

How do you know who to choose for this outstanding job? It all comes down to your interviewing abilities — namely, what questions you ask.

Below, we’ve outlined the top questions to ask as you interview each Pasadena TX IT service company on your list.

#1 – Do you have experience working with companies like ours?

The Pasadena TX IT service company you choose should have experience in your industry vertical. Whether you are a company that deals face-to-face with customers on a daily basis or has stringent legal requirements, you need to know that you and your IT company are on the same page. Ideally, the IT companies you interview will have specific experience in the industry you’re in.

#2 – How many systems engineers are on your team?

The best Pasadena IT companies will employ an adequate number of engineers for the clients they serve. In other words, you’re not looking for a fixed number here. But you should get a response that lets you know they’re able to make time for every client.

How many systems engineers will be working on your account is another question. You need to know that you’ll have adequate coverage should you require troubleshooting or other immediate services. For the most part, if you have a company of around 25 to 45 employees, you’ll need an IT company that has at least a technical staff of 10. For a smaller company, you’ll be able to get by with a smaller technical team at your IT company.

#3 – How can your company improve our security?

With an influx in online scammers and digital malware causing problems for companies around the nation, it’s essential that the IT company you choose to outsource to has adequate knowledge of digital strategies for protecting your company. At all times, companies need to protect themselves from vicious scammers on the Internet, but firewalls and other safeguards are always changing —make sure the company you choose has a sturdy handle on this issue.

#4 – Tell us about your communication. What’s your response time like?

Fast response times are essential when it comes to IT. A server that’s down, malware on computers, and other pressing problems need to be addressed immediately to maintain a proper flow of business.

Also, you’ll need to have consistent monitoring services so that more often than not, problems are caught before they turn into pressing catastrophes. Rapid remediation of issues and constant, personalized monitoring of your business should be strengths that your potential IT service companies are proud to brag about.

#5 – It your company growing?

You want to know that the company you’ll be outsourcing your IT services to in Pasadena will be here in a year. Each Pasadena TX IT company you interview should be financially stable for all banking, accounting, and legal matters. They should have a track record of stable business and excellence in customer care.

#6 – What is your pricing breakdown?

When shopping around for any Pasadena TX IT service company, the price is going to be a factor. What’s important for you to do here is to ask for the full breakdown. What am I paying, and when? Is that the total price?

You also need to know what exactly you’ll be paying for. Some IT companies like to seem like they’re offering full IT services, but when it comes down to brass tacks, you’re paying a contract fee as well as individual service payments. Ideally, it’s all a package deal, and you can know you’ll have a contracted IT service provider for essential services as well as on retainer for random issues, emergencies, or questions.

#7 – Do you have references we can check?

The first answer you want to hear here is “yes!”. All companies who are prepared to take on a new contract for services should also be ready to provide you with references happily. Next, you want to write those references down, including contact information like email addresses and phone numbers.

Finally, check them! And have a list of potential questions to ask the references as well. These might include the following:

  • How long have you worked with company X?
  • What is the thing you like most about working with company X?
  • What is the thing you would like company X to improve upon?
  • Do you recommend that my company begin a contract for IT services with company X?

Finding quality managed IT services In Pasadena doesn’t have to be a difficult, time-consuming effort. With this list of crucial interview questions in-hand, you can feel confident that you’ll weed out low-end companies and find a top-notch IT services company to help grow your Pasadena business.