Investing Your IT Support Budget: In-House or Outsourced IT Services

Trying to decide between an in-house IT professional or outsourced IT support?

Why Should I Move to Outsourced IT Services for My Business?

Did you know that outsourcing your IT services is an effective strategy to reduce costs? As an added benefit, outsourcing your IT needs ensures your business gets access to a deep pool of cutting-edge technology to promote better growth and efficiency. Investing your IT budget in a reputable Managed IT Service provider provides you with optimal IT performance at a lower price point.

What Do I Need to Know About Outsourced IT Services?

Today’s businesses are beginning to realize that employing a full time in-house IT specialist is simply too cost prohibitive to be financially sustainable. Thankfully, many reputable Managed IT Services companies, like SMB Integrations, offer outsourced IT support, which is both comprehensive and affordable. Strategically, outsourcing a business’ IT services is relatively inexpensive compared to the expense of managing a full in-house IT team. The process of outsourcing allows businesses to simplify their office tasks and apply more focus on generating income.

What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services is the term that the IT support industry uses to describe a subscription-based suite of customized IT services options delivered in a proactive manner. A Managed IT Services provider enables greater uptime for client businesses through continuous IT management, monitoring, maintenance, and cybersecurity. All this is accomplished within a fixed monthly payment structure.

Why Partner with SMB Integrations for Managed IT Services?

SMB Integrations offers a comprehensive suite of Managed IT Services to meet the specific needs of each of our valued customers. Available at budget-friendly pricing, our IT Services are all-inclusive and affordable. There is no long-term commitment required, affording our customers the ability to scale their services to match their growth or discontinue their service at their own discretion.

You Can Trust Our Certified Technicians

Our certified technicians focus on their ongoing education to be sure they are able to make good decisions on your behalf to maintain secure and consistent operations. We work closely with key industry partners such as Microsoft, Cisco and others to maintain certifications in platforms and hardware that are used in a variety of applications. Here are a few of the certifications that our teams maintain:

  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Network+
  • Microsoft Partner
  • MCSA: Windows Server 2012
  • Allworx Authorized Reseller
  • Texas Health Care Membership

Each of these certifications or partnerships allows us to provide your business with the best support and infrastructure available from a Houston IT services company.

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