Spring TX Business Computer Services

Your Spring, TX, business often needs technology solutions that can be delivered reliably and fast. Where should you turn for business computer services in Spring TX?

Many companies opt to find a quick fix to a computer repair or upgrade. However, your business is better served with a partner that’s invested in your complete technology needs. You want a partner that can provide you with strategic technology planning, day-to-day support and long-term planning

Who Provides Comprehensive Business Computer Services in Spring TX?

SMB Integrations specializes in computer and IT services for small- and mid-sized businesses in Spring, TX. SMB Integrations works with businesses throughout the Houston area. With SMB Integrations as your technology partner, your business has many advantages, including:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Lower operating costs for service fees, hardware, software and staff
  • Increased productivity via rapid response rates and less downtime
  • Predictable IT forecasting and spending
  • Reduced strain on internal IT staff

SMB Integrations holds certifications in PC support and network solutions. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner, reflecting our ability to provide high-level technical services, strategic thinking, and broad IT expertise.

How Does SMB Integrations Interact With Companies?

In most cases, SMB Integrations starts with a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment. We want to understand your business goals, challenges and pain points. By gaining a deeper understanding of your business and technology, we can recommend a scope of work that is specific to your needs, not a generic solution that fails to address your pressing issues and opportunities.

Our consulting services provide advice, recommendations and solutions on a range of IT planning and operations, including:

  • Cloud computing
  • Data management
  • Hardware and operating systems management
  • IT security
  • Project management
  • Wireless networking

We will present you with a roadmap that aligns technology strategy with business strategy.

What Comprehensive Business Computer Services in Spring TX Are Available?

Managed IT solutions provide your company with continuous and comprehensive technical support. For a fixed monthly fee, we provide you with monitoring, maintenance and support. With managed IT, your business computer services in Spring TX are managed by one vendor with staff who understand your business and needs. Managed IT services from SMB Integrations include:

  • Help-desk services for Windows, Macintosh and mobile devices
  • Hardware and software license and warranty administration
  • Hardware and software audits
  • Desktop, application and hardware performance monitoring
  • Performance, patch and anti-virus reports on demand
  • Policy management
  • Anti-malware software

Can You Help With Cloud Migration and Hosting?

Yes. We help companies migrate legacy systems and applications to public clouds or hybrid public and on-premises solutions. We host and maintain cloud-based productivity solutions such as Microsoft Office 365 and monitor your cloud solution.

We manage secure cloud-based backups for your data, ensuring that it is readily available when needed with little business disruption.

Cloud solutions accelerate the time to move to production and eliminate the ongoing operational costs to house, cool and power your own data center. Cloud solutions are rapidly scalable, allowing you to expand as your business grows or contracts to adjust to seasonal demand variances.

We Have Challenges With Our Wireless Networks. What Can Be Done?

Wireless networks are essential for effective communication today. If you have large locations, many mobile employees or public and private networks, you need a solution that meets all your wireless demands. When your wireless network is working effectively, your teams can collaborate more, provide better customer service, offer remote access to employees, use needed data on demand and expand network capabilities quickly.

Our business-class wireless solutions give you stable connectivity from any connected device and greater employee productivity.

It all begins with a wireless network site survey, where our engineers assess your building and environment. We assess how well devices are connected to the network, signal strength and optimal equipment placement. Upon completion, we deliver a detailed report with heatmaps, photographs and network designs.

Once approved, we can deploy the solution, setting up and configuring equipment and testing to make sure everything is working correctly.

How Do You Keep Our Data Secure?

Keeping your data and network secure requires a multilayered solution that addresses all possible entry points for hackers. The first step is next-generation firewalls that guard the perimeter of your network, identifying suspicious activity and issuing alerts so the activity can be contained and destroyed.

Anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-spam software need to be installed on all connected devices, with automated detection and updating functions.

Data backups ensure that data is available in case of an attack or a natural disaster.

Finally, our business continuity and disaster recovery services help you identify likely threats, prioritize and develop remedies, deploy and test those solutions, and train staff on how to respond in such situations. Our planning services ensure that in the wake of an attack or disaster, your company can be up and running with little to no disruption.

SMB Integrations helps small- and mid-sized businesses with their greatest technology needs. Learn how we can deliver the solution that helps your business grow by scheduling a free consultation today.