Microsoft Bookings Help Boost Local Businesses

Each time you reduce friction for your prospects, you are helping boost the odds of converting that individual into a paying customer. See how new online scheduling tools can help.  

Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you could quickly and securely share your calendar availability with individuals outside your organization? There are dozens — if not hundreds — of cloud-based meeting scheduling tools, but their integration with your traditional Microsoft Office calendar may feel a bit sketchy at best. Why take a chance on missing an important meeting with a new client due to a faulty integration with low-cost scheduling options? Microsoft Office 365 for Business now offers a fully-integrated Bookings app that helps extend your calendar without opening loopholes in your security net.

What is Microsoft Bookings?

Today’s mobile professionals are always on-the-go for business or pleasure, and need a way to maintain full control of their calendar without disappointing others or putting needless barriers between the individual and their customers. Fortunately, Microsoft has recognized the need for a comprehensive online scheduling tool that includes three main components:

  • A secure website, allowing your prospects to schedule themselves into open time slots
  • An internal company dashboard that offers a cohesive view of company bookings and allows administrators and users to set time away and available
  • A mobile component, providing you with many of the same powerful tools you’ll find in the desktop application

Since Bookings is a component of Microsoft Office 365, you do not have to be concerned with compatibility with your current business applications and calendar.

Get Rid of the Concept of Business Hours

The days when you could expect a prospect to call your office during “normal business hours” to make an appointment are at an end, especially for organizations that thrive on being available for their clients. With people increasingly looking for self-service options, it’s not surprising that the online bookings industry is experiencing growth rates in excess of 15% over the past several years. This could be everyone from hairdressers to salespeople, as publishing your calendar is simple and convenient for individuals with all levels of technical expertise. Utilizing Microsoft’s online Bookings engine allows you to effectively accept appointments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — so you’re improving staff utilization and providing exceptional service to your prospects and customers.

SMB Integrations: Your Microsoft Service Professionals In Houston

Want to reduce the friction in your sales cycle? Online scheduling tools such as Microsoft’s new Bookings tools provide your website and social media visitors an easy and integrated way to set up meetings with you and your staff. This simple tool puts the power back in the hands of your customers, allowing them to review your availability before making a decision. Want to learn more about activating this important new feature for Microsoft Office 365? Contact the professionals at SMB Integrations today at 832-617-0033 or fill out our quick online form to schedule your free initial consultation.