Losing Productivity By Using Aging Technology

You wouldn’t trust aging machinery on the job site, so why do you want to use outdated tools in your office? Boost productivity and enhance revenue with a high-tech upgrade.  

Aging Technology

SMB Integrations: Keeping Technology Investments Running Efficiently

Construction has always been a high-tech industry, even when that technology mostly involved paper and pencils instead of mobile phones and laptops! Today’s design and modeling programs can create a realistic 3D image in minutes, but there is a cost in terms of computing power and the network accessibility required for this type of advanced computing. Having access to this type of information at the job site allows leaders to more accurately communicate a customer’s vision into design standards that can be eventually built — improving the effectiveness of your engineers as well as the satisfaction of clients. While this is an exciting time for construction teams throughout the country, it can also mean that a lack of the right tools could be holding your team back from doing their best work.

How Can I improve My Business Operations?

Invoicing and approval routing is one of the key challenges faced by technology firms, with a paperless system being the ultimate goal for many organizations. This type of workflow can be highly efficient, but without the right infrastructure, it can quickly fall by the wayside as staff members become frustrated and unable to adapt to new ways of doing business. Providing a secure and convenient process for staff members can significantly speed up back-office operations and improve the quality of output, too. Another key area for improvement is the use of collaborative tools such as those included in Microsoft Office 365. When staff members all have access to this cloud-based productivity suite, they are able to quickly collaborate with internal team members and staff to make the best use of their time. The integrated secure storage can reduce the risk of data loss, too.

Will Upgrading My Business Technology Improve Productivity?

You may not realize it, but you are probably losing up to an hour of time per employee every day that your office staff and managers are using aging software and business systems. Even the smallest hiccup such as a printer that is not performing as expected can take several staff members away from their desk for up to 15 minutes. This is a time that your staff is unable to support customers, create invoices or drive revenue and sales for your business. When you have cohesive support from a trusted business infrastructure partner, you can rest assured that your team’s problems will be handled quickly — so they can get back to work.

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